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We’re a group of talent hoarders essentially motivated by two things:

Love: when we use our skills to express or communicate a passion or proclivity. When we do what we do because it makes us smile. When we explain a little something about ourselves to someone, somewhere.

Money: when we lend our skills to people who need them in exchange for money, so we can buy jetskis and expensive clothing and fancy trinkets to adorn our loft-style apartments.

Individually, we’re individuals. We’re people scattered all around the world with personal portals and portfolios that display one or two or three talents; ten or twenty projects.

Together, we’re a creative network that spans as many industries & disciplines as it does time zones & countries.

We assemble and reassemble into small creative teams based on the skills and experience required.

We attack any kind of creative brief, from brand identity to illustration, photography to motion graphics, websites to written words.

If you want to get in touch with us, just say hello.

New, proper website coming soon. Promise.


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Love & Money fortheloveandmoney